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Two UGA Honors students awarded 2010 Boren Undergraduate Scholarships

Two Honors students have been selected to receive 2010-2011 National Security Education Program David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships for language study abroad.

The UGA recipients are Winn Davis, a rising senior from Savannah, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international affairs, and Logan Krusac, a rising junior from Smyrna, who is pursuing bachelor’s degrees in political science and Mandarin Chinese.

The scholarship promotes linguistic proficiency and cultural immersion in less commonly taught foreign languages deemed important to national security. The scholarship provides recipients $10,000 for one semester or $20,000 for one academic year. In exchange, participants work for one year in U.S. government positions with national security responsibilities. Priority agencies include departments of state, homeland security, or defense, or the intelligence community.