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UGA Career Center unveils new professional photo booth

A ribbon cutting was recently held for the Career Center's new Professional Photo Booth. (Submitted photo)

The UGA Career Center recently held a grand opening for its new Professional Photo Booth, which will provide a free resource for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni can have headshots taken at the Career Center’s new Professional Photo Booth. (Submitted photo)

With this addition, UGA aims to address the critical need for accessible professional photos, enabling all members of the UGA community to build a stronger personal brand toward their career pursuits.

For many students, securing a quality professional photo has been a challenge that has affected their ability to create a professional online presence, seek experiential learning opportunities and present themselves confidently to potential employers. In some cases, students have resorted to using outdated high school photos on their professional profiles, which neither convey their current appearance nor project a polished image.

The newly established Professional Photo Booth on the second floor of Clark Howell Hall at the UGA Career Center offers students, faculty, staff and alumni a convenient way to obtain high-quality professional photos in just a few minutes. The photo booth will be open on a drop-in basis, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“Access to a professional photo is a crucial aspect of career development, and we are excited to offer this resource to the UGA community,” said Whitney Prescott, director of career development and programs. “Our aim is to remove barriers and empower students to present their best selves to potential employers, graduate programs and professional networks.”

The addition of the Professional Photo Booth comes in response to the limited options for acquiring professional photos on campus, which have led to frustrations among students.

“I didn’t have access to a professional photo until my sophomore year at UGA because I did not know where to get one. Having access to a professional photo at the Career Center will take out all of the headache, worry and stress for students who need a professional photo but don’t have access to one and don’t know where to search for one,” said Rebecca Hughes, a graduate student in communications studies.

Similarly, recent UGA graduate, Alyssa Phillips, echoes these lived difficulties.

“I have had to be on the lookout for different events hosting one-time professional photo opportunities, and I even went all the way to Health Sciences campus from Terry in order to get one taken. Having an easily accessible option in the Career Center will help students be able to keep their professional profiles up to date,” Phillips said.

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