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UGA College of Education to present Strategic Instruction Model® workshop series

Athens, Ga. – A series of Strategic Instructional Model® professional development workshops for teachers will be presented by the University of Georgia College of Education during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Professional Learning Units can be earned through the workshops, contingent upon approval by individual school district administration.

Developed through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning from on-going research for more than 30 years, SIM® is an evidence-based model of instruction that provides learning strategies and content enhancement routines especially geared towards students who are struggling to learn in the classroom, including those with specific learning difficulties.

SIM® involves teaching students a variety of strategies to promote their independent learning. It provides teachers with comprehensive approaches to adolescent lit¬eracy that allows students to be taught to read and understand large volumes of complex materials and effectively express themselves in writing. In essence, SIM® promotes effective teach¬ing and learning of critical skills and content in schools.

While SIM® primarily has been researched with students at the middle and high school levels, teachers also have used various learning strategies and content enhancement routines with intermediate elementary level students as well. For more information on the SIM® program, see

The SIM® workshops at UGA will be taught by a University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning-approved professional developer at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel. Dates and workshop categories include:

Expression and Demonstration of Confidence
* Sentence Writing Strategies – Sept 22-23 (appropriate for grades 4-12)
* Paragraph Writing Strategy – Dec 1-2 (note: prerequisite is Sentence Writing Strategy Sept. 22-23; grades 4-12)
* Fundamentals in the Theme Writing Strategy – March 5-6 (note: prerequisites are Sentence Writing Strategy Sept. 22-23 and Paragraph Writing Strategy Dec. 1-2; grades 6-12)

Reading and Vocabulary Comprehension
* Fundamentals of Paraphrasing and Summarizing and The Word Mapping Strategy – Oct 20-21 (grades 6-12)
* Inference Strategy and The Vocabulary LINCing Routine – Feb. 9-10 (grades 4 – 12)

Content Enhancement: An Approach to Planning Instruction for and Teaching Content to Diverse Groups of Learners
* Unit Organizer Routine, Concept Mastery Routine, The Framing Routine – Nov. 3-4. (grades 6 – 12; easily adapted for intermediate elementary)
* Concept Comparison Routine, Clarifying Routine, Question Exploration Routine – April 26-27. (grades 6 – 12; easily adapted for intermediate elementary)

The cost for each two-day workshop is $275. For more information on these and other workshops or to register online, see the UGA College of Education Office of Outreach and Engagement at