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UGA conference to explore the future of international intellectual property law

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia School of Law’s Journal of Intellectual Property Law will host “Back to the Future: Global Perspectives on the Future of IP Law in the Next Decade” on March 2 in the Larry Walker Room of Dean Rusk Hall on North Campus. Starting at 8:30 a.m., this daylong conference will explore copyright law, trademark law and patent law, focusing on the perspectives of the European Union and the U.S.

“As business is increasingly conducted on a global scale, creators of intellectual property are navigating complex and ever-changing laws in order to protect their inventions, trademarks and writings,” third-year law student and conference organizer Lara Otega said. “With each year that passes, interpretation of the law surrounding intellectual property is challenged and affected by the constant evolution of technology and society. The world is moving closer to a global marketplace, and yet there are still no harmonized international laws for copyright, trademark or patent protection.”

The conference will feature experts from multiple U.S. intellectual property law areas as well as experts on European Union design-protection law who will discuss the current issues facing intellectual property law and project its evolution throughout the next decade.

Continuing legal education credits are available (pending approval). To register for lunch or for CLE credits, see and complete the online form by Feb. 29. This event is co-sponsored by the Law School’s Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Policy.