UGA kinesiology head Kirk Cureton to receive ACSM Citation Award

UGA kinesiology head Kirk Cureton to receive ACSM Citation Award

Athens, Ga. – Kirk Cureton, professor and head of the department of kinesiology at the University of Georgia, will receive a Citation Award from the American College of Sports Medicine this week.

The Citation Award is given for outstanding scientific and scholarly contributions to sports medicine and/or the exercise sciences throughout a career.

Cureton’s research in applied exercise physiology has focused on metabolic determinants of youth fitness, effects of body composition on physical performance, sex differences in responses and adaptations to exercise, cardiovascular and metabolic responses to exercise in the heat, and ergogenic effects of sports drinks.

Cureton has been on the UGA faculty since 1976. He has served as head of the department of kinesiology since 2005 and as head of the department of exercise science from 1991-2004. He has been a member of ACSM since 1972 and has served as associate editor of the organization’s primary research journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, as president of the Southeast chapter, as a member of the board of trustees and as vice president of the national ACSM.

Cureton has written or co-written several book chapters and scores of articles on his research in referred journals during his career. He has received numerous recognitions for his work including being named Distinguished Alumni Lecturer (2007) and Distinguished Alumni (1998) by the department of kinesiology, University of Illinois. He received the Scholar Award, from the Southeast chapter of ACSM (1994) and the Mabel Lee Award, from the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (l983).

Cureton will be recognized at ACSM’s 2009 annual meeting in Seattle, Wash., on May 29.