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UGA ranks No. 18 on ‘Forbes’ list of top public US colleges

UGA is ranked No. 18 on the Forbes “Top 25 Public Colleges 2015” list.

Forbes ranked 650 public and private schools using factors that the publication says favor “output over input. Our sights are set directly on return on investment: What are students getting out of college.”

“I am pleased that the University of Georgia has once again been recognized as one of the best public universities in the nation,” said UGA President Jere W. Morehead. “Although rankings invariably fluctuate year to year, UGA is on an upward trajectory as the institution continues to attract the best and brightest students and to provide them with a world-class education that leads to successful careers after graduation.”

The only other SEC school on the list is the University of Florida at No. 14. Georgia Tech also was ranked in the top 25 at No. 15. The U.S. Military Academy was No. 1 on the Forbes list of publics.

Forbes teamed with the Washington, D.C.-based Center for College Affordability and Productivity to rank the schools. CCAP used five general categories to determine the rankings: student satisfaction (25 percent), post-graduate success (32.5 percent), student debt (25 percent), the graduation rate (7.5 percent) and students who win prestigious scholarships or earn a doctorate (10 percent).