UGA student entrepreneurs to share success stories March 25

Athens, Ga. – University of Georgia student entrepreneurs are turning the tables March 25 as they move from student to teacher and share their stories of how they pursued their interests and turned profits. The panel will be held at 11 a.m. in the Tate Theater, and student-made items will be on sale in the Tate Student Center’s concourse from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Six entrepreneurial students will discuss why they decided to become entrepreneurs, how they balance business and studies and what they have learned along the path to entrepreneurship. A lunch including pizza and cupcakes from a student-run catering company will be available for those who attend.

The six panelists are listed below.

• Brooke Patterson started a modeling agency on campus that provides work for more than 30 students. The Agency, UGA’s student-operated in-house modeling agency, provides students with modeling opportunities and experience.

• Rebecca Charlotte Bowden’s crafty ways recently led to the development of College Canvas. The site encourages creativity and entrepreneurship among college students by providing them an online market to sell handmade items.

• Luckily for Harman Johar, some chefs consider insects a culinary ingredient. He created World Entomology, which provides customers with insect food products. Founded on the principles of exploration and enjoyment, the team comprises professionals and students of science who are “gung-ho about saving the world through transforming the food supply.”

• Olivia Barrett is the president of the Fashion Design Student Association and leader of UGA Fashion Week. Through student-run fashion shows exhibiting student designs, Barrett is gaining experience building bridges and executing tasks.

• The classic board game, Clue, took on a new life when Caity Johnson created an interactive version using the UGA campus. The game is a downloadable iPhone application.

• Luke Snyder’s knives have been featured in Food and Wine magazine. His company Bloodroot Blades builds quality artisan kitchen knives and other tools designed for everyday use.

The student panel is part of Thinc. at UGA, a new initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and fosters economic development in the region by providing inspiration and advice to those contemplating a plunge into the competitive and exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Thinc. at UGA will kick off March 22-29 with Entrepreneurial Week. The weeklong celebration includes lectures, workshops, panel discussions, competitions and networking events that promise to engage, inspire and build the confidence that will help take business ideas from concepts to reality. Events will showcase entrepreneurial efforts by UGA faculty, students and alumni and provide insights from nationally recognized entrepreneurship experts.

For more information about Thinc. and a complete schedule of events, see http://thinc.uga.edu/.