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UGA to open child care center on Medical Partnership site

Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess

UGA to open child care center on Medical Partnership site

UGA will offer a new child care center for its faculty, staff and students  possibly as early as January 2012. The facility will be housed in two buildings on the campus of the current Navy Supply Corps School, scheduled to be transferred by the federal government to the university at no charge in spring 2011.

UGA President Michael F. Adams made the announcement at the annual Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium at Unicoi State Park on March 26.

“I am pleased that we are­making progress on one of the faculty’s primary concerns,” said Adams. “Arnett C. Mace Jr., Tim Burgess and the senior leadership team took my challenge to heart and moved this issue forward, in addition to the many other significant issues they were facing at the time. We are all indebted to them for the very good work they have done.”

In fall 2007 UGA officials commissioned a comprehensive care needs assessment study to better understand the needs of faculty, staff and students for child care services.

The report provided information on the availability of child care in the area, the level of demand for child care, the related costs and space requirements.

The study included a survey of faculty and staff, a series of focus groups and a community supply analysis. The findings estimated demand for 200 child care slots from faculty and staff and another 40 from students.

Initial planning developed by the provost and senior vice president for finance and administration in response to the survey findings had to be tabled due to financial constraints. However, conveyance of the Navy School property could make the project feasible.

“If the transfer of the Navy Supply Corps School property proceeds as we anticipate, then we should have six to eight months to renovate the two buildings,” said Burgess, senior vice president for finance and administration. “During that same time, we would seek bids from private companies to provide the service and determine which entity would provide the best services and the most feasible economic model.”

Burgess said details such as hours of operation and fees will not be determined until the private contractor is selected.