UGA men’s basketball coach Jim Harrick Sr. submits resignation

ATHENS, Ga. – University of Georgia men’s head basketball coach Jim Harrick, Sr., today submitted his resignation to Director of Athletics Vince Dooley. Harrick has been under suspension with pay since March 10 pending a joint investigation by the University, the NCAA and the SEC which is ongoing.

Under the resignation agreement which is effective today, Harrick will receive those payments due as of today: remaining base pay, radio/tv payments, and a Nike payment, which all together total $254,166. As does any University employee, he will receive his Teachers Retirement System contributions and payment for unutilized annual leave.

“This entire situation has been, and is, regrettable for the athletic program and the University,” said Dooley. “Coach Harrick is an accomplished coach of the game of basketball; however, I believe his resignation and retirement at this time to be in the best interests of the Athletic Association and the University, and Coach Harrick obviously believes it is in his best interests, as well. Our focus now is to complete with continued commitment the investigation, which we have said from the outset will be pursued to the furthest extent. We will also now begin the search for a new coach.”

President Michael F. Adams said, “Jim Harrick, Sr., is a man of considerable coaching talent in whom Coach Dooley and I had placed a great deal of confidence. We were greatly disappointed to lose that confidence due to Coach Harrick’s failure to appropriately manage the basketball program. Based upon the facts discovered in the investigation to date, his resignation is appropriate and we accept it.”

Adams continued, “I greatly regret that this issue has had a negative impact on the University. I also regret that this particular personnel decision, on which Coach Dooley and I were in agreement from the start, did not work out. We will now concentrate on working with the NCAA and SEC to right any wrongs and get the men’s basketball program back as it should be among the very best in the nation both on and off the court. Ibelieve it is time for us to close this chapter and move forward, and this action today makes it possible for us to do that.”