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For the Media

The Office of Media Communications in the Division of Marketing & Communications is responsible for working with members of the media to respond to questions about the university and provide faculty experts to comment on current news.

Media inquiries can be sent to, which is monitored by several members of the Media Communications team to ensure a prompt response.

For additional university statements, contact:

Greg Trevor
University Spokesperson & Senior Advisor for Crisis Communications

James Hataway
Senior Director for Integrated Media Communications

UGA Athletics inquiries

For media inquiries related to UGA Athletics, contact:

Claude Felton
Senior Associate Athletic Director – Sports Communications

Faculty Experts

The University of Georgia has hundreds of faculty experts available to add insight and depth for the media on just about any current news topic.

Print Media

Our media relations specialists will help you connect with the best source. To connect with an expert, contact:

Broadcast Media

UGA has a VideoLink ReadyCam studio available for live interviews 24/7. We have many experts on current topics who have been trained in the studio and are ready for live or taped broadcast shots.

Broadcast coordinator Christopher Childs teaches faculty how to use the VideoLink ReadyCam system in the Marketing & Communications television studio.

To find and schedule an expert for broadcast, contact:

Christopher Childs
Broadcast Manager

Radio Media

UGA also is home to public radio station WUGA, a local NPR affiliate, equipped with ISDN, Comrex, and TieLine services to assist in producing studio quality live or time shifted interviews with UGA faculty experts as well as visiting artists, professors, scientists and other notable scholars.

Michael Cardin (left of center) helps coordinate an interview with political expert Charles Bullock (right corner) for GPB News’ Political Rewind with Bill Nigut in WUGA’s studios.

To find and schedule an expert for broadcast, contact:

Michael Cardin

Images for the media

Galleries of UGA file photos for media use are online at