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$1 million gift from The Coca-Cola Foundation to support first generation UGA students

$1 million gift from The Coca-Cola Foundation to support first generation UGA students

Athens, Ga. – The Coca-Cola Foundation has made a gift of $1 million to the University of Georgia to expand its Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship program. The program will assist students who are the first in their families to attend college. Since its inception, over $10 million in scholarships have been awarded to over 1,000 students on almost 400 campuses in 32 states and in 52 universities in China.

Under the First Generation program, incoming UGA freshmen will be awarded $5,000 annual scholarships that are renewable for four years. The first group of 12 freshmen will receive the awards for fall semester of 2007. Groups of 12 will be added in years 2008 and 2009, and 14 will receive the award in 2010. Altogether, 50 students will each receive $20,000 in scholarship awards over the next seven years.

To be considered for the scholarship, a student must be a resident of Georgia, demonstrate financial need, have a strong academic record and be the first in his or her family to attend college. Recipients must enroll as full-time students and maintain at least a 2.8 grade point average in their freshman year and at least a 3.0 grade point average thereafter.

“The Coca-Cola Foundation is proud to help students who are the first in their families to attend college,” said Ingrid Saunders Jones, chair, The Coca-Cola Foundation. “We created the First Generation Scholarship program in 1993 in recognition of the dreams of so many aspiring students and families in our communities.”

“The University of Georgia is pleased to be able to help these talented and promising young Georgians for whom a college degree will be the key to a future of success,” said UGA President Michael F. Adams. “We are grateful to The Coca-Cola Foundation for its commitment to build a stronger Georgia through investment in education.”

“The scholarships, together with freshman orientation and mentoring, will assist students in making the successful transition to college and will significantly improve their lives and contributions to Georgia and society,” added Arnett C. Mace Jr., senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.

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The University of Georgia, a land-grant and sea-grant university with state-wide commitments and responsibilities, is the state’s flagship institution of higher education. It is also the state’s oldest, most comprehensive and most diversified institution of higher education. Its motto, “to teach, to serve and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects the university’s integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state’s and nation’s intellectual, cultural and environmental heritage.

About The Coca-Cola Foundation

The mission of The Coca-Cola Foundation is to support initiatives that build sustainable communities. In North America, the Foundation’s priorities include Fitness and Active Lifestyles, Education, Water Stewardship, and Recycling. Over the last ten years, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded more than $171 million to communities around the globe.