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12 UGA employees retired Feb. 1, 2016

Twelve UGA employees retired Feb. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Paula M. Brooks, research professional/high containment, infectious diseases, 16 years, 3 months; Susan E. Caldwell, public service assistant, Small Business Development Center, 16 years, 10 months; Ellen M. Ford, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, South Campus, 10 years; Michael Thomas Heath, research professional I, plant pathology research coastal, 31 years, 8 months; Linwood Hill, parking services supervisor, East Campus parking deck, 31 years, 3 months; G. Darin Hooper, maintenance worker, Facilities Management Division-Zone Maintenance Shop-East, 29 years, 8 months; Elmar Kannenberg, senior research scientist, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 11 years, 9 months; Robert A. Kennamer, research professional I, Savannah River Ecology Lab, 33 years; Michael P. Lacy, department head, poultry science, 30 years, 7 months; Carol Nunn McGinnis, clinic manager, University Health Center, 23 years, 9 months; Larry O. Sims, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services (second shift), 24 years, 9 months; and Shirley R. Toney, program specialist I, Athletic Association, 20 years.