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136 UGA faculty members receive promotion

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 136 faculty members. Those receiving a promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
To Professor: James Buck, plant pathology; Craig Landry, agricultural and applied economics; and Ronald Pegg, food science and technology.

To Associate Professor: Joshua Berning, agricultural and applied economics; Fanbin Kong, food science and technology; and Franklin West, animal and dairy science.

To Public Service Assistant: Edward Beasley, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Jeffrey Burke, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Jeremy Cheney, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Jennifer Daniel, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Marcus Eason, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Jeri Gilleland, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Jessalyn Hiers, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Samuel Ingram, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Justin Lanier, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Alan MacAllister, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Nicholas McGhee, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Mitzi Parker, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Jeremy Taylor, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; and Brock Ward, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate: Ines Beltran, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Stephanie Butcher, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Tammy Cheely, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Pamela Knox, crop and soil sciences; James Morgan, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Steven Patrick, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Heather Schultz, 4-H & Youth; Tommie Shepherd, Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development; and Rachel Stewart, Southeast District Cooperative Extension.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Ellen Bauske, Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture; and Amanda Marable, 4-H & Youth.

College of Education
To Professor: Laura A. Dean, counseling and human development services; and Melissa A. Freeman, lifelong education, administration and policy.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Bethany M. Hamilton-Jones, communication sciences and special education; Ingrid D. Hinkley, communication sciences and special education; Lou Tolosa-Casadont, language and literacy education; and Kimberly A. ­Viel-Ruma, communication sciences and special education.

To Associate Professor: Laine P. Bradshaw, educational psychology; H. James Garrett, educational theory and practice; ChanMin Kim, career and information studies; and Aliki I. Nicolaides, lifelong education, administration and policy.

To Associate Research Scientist: Paula Mellom, Dean’s Office.

To Senior Research Scientist: Russell Karls, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Education and Human Development.

College of Engineering
To Professor: Changying Li, engineering; Zhengwei Pan, engineering/physics and astronomy (joint); and Bingqian Xu, engineering.

To Associate Professor: Ke Li, engineering.

College of Environment and Design
To Associate Professor: Jon Calabria, environment and design.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Professor: Joan Fischer, foods and nutrition.

College of Pharmacy
To Clinical Associate Professor
: Christopher M. Bland, clinical and administrative pharmacy; Catherine A. Bourg, clinical and administrative pharmacy; Amber B. ­Clemmons, clinical and administrative pharmacy; and Virginia H. Fleming, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Public Service Associate
: Linda Hughes, pharmacy.

College of Public Health

To Associate Professor: Matthew Lee Smith, health promotion and behavior.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor
: Leanne Alworth, population health; Uriel Blas-Machado, pathology; Benjamin Brainard, small animal medicine and surgery; Tai Guo, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; and Stephen M. Tompkins, infectious diseases.

To Clinical Professor: Stephen Collett, population health; Randall Eggleston, large animal medicine; and Kira Epstein, large animal medicine.

To Associate Professor: David Jimenez, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Arthur Lee Jones, population health; and Kathern Myrna, small animal medicine and surgery.

To Associate Research Scientist: Bobby Storey, infectious diseases.

To Senior Research Scientist: Myriam ­Belanger, infectious diseases; and Russell Karls, infectious diseases.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
To Professor: Michael Bachmann, physics and astronomy; Michelle Ballif, English; Pete Clark, mathematics; Prashant Doshi, computer science; Melissa ­Harshman, art; Thomas Houser, art; Hilda Kurtz, geography; Peter Jutras, music; ­Barbara McCaskill, English; Lakshmish ­Ramaswamy, computer science; Geoff Smith, chemistry; Elizabeth Wright, ­Romance languages; Patricia Yager, marine sciences; Xiaobai Yao, geography; and Shaying Zhao, biochemistry and molecular biology.

To Associate Professor: Timothy Gupton, Romance languages; Juan Gutierrez, mathematics; Brian Hopkinson, marine sciences; Liang Liu, statistics; Cody Marrs, English; Doug Menke, genetics; Adam Milewski, geology; Chris ­Pizzino, English; Paul Pollack, mathematics; Tina Salguero, chemistry; and Justine Tinkler, sociology.

To Senior Lecturer: Lingyun Ma, mathematics; and Mark Werner, statistics.

To Academic Professional: Kristen Miller, biological sciences.

To Senior Academic Professional: Deborah Miller, English.

To Associate Research Scientist: Shiyun Xiao, genetics.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
To Professor: James Frederick Hamilton, entertainment and media studies.

To Associate Professor: Juan Meng, advertising and public relations.

Odum School of Ecology
To Professor: John M. Drake, ecology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Richard Hall, ecology.

School of Law
To Professor: Harlan Cohen, law, and Sonja West, law.

To Associate Professor: Kent Barnett, law.

School of Public and International Affairs
To Associate Professor
: Christina Boyd, political science; Michael Lynch, political science; Rebecca Nesbit, public administration and policy; and Andrew Owsiak, international affairs.

Terry College of Business
To Associate Professor: Nicholas Berente, management information systems; Margaret Christ, accounting; Jie He, finance; and Alex Reed, insurance, legal studies and real estate.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
To Professor: Gary T. Green, forestry and natural resources; and Michael J. Yabsley, forestry and natural resources/population health (joint).

To Associate Professor: Bin “Richard” Mei, forestry and natural resources; and Susan Bennett Wilde, forestry and natural resources.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
To Public Service Associate: Michelle Elliott, Archway Partnership Project; Beverly Johnson, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Sharon Liggett, Archway Partnership Project; Yvonne Mensa-Wilmot, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Eric Robinson, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; and David Tanner, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Daniel Bivins, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
To Librarian II: Elizabeth Holdsworth, libraries; and Keith Nichols, libraries.

To Librarian III: Chandler ­Christoffel, libraries; Matthew Darby, libraries; ­Adriane Hanson, libraries; and Erin Leach, libraries.

To Librarian IV: Caroline Barratt, libraries; and Elizabeth White, libraries.

Vice President for Research
To Associate Research Scientist: Zhu-hong Li, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases; and Artur Muszynski, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs