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17 UGA employees retired Oct. 1, 2016

Seventeen UGA employees retired Oct. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of service are Ramona Welmaker Adams, public service assistant, UGA Cooperative Extension-Northeast district, 22 years; John M. Brewer, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology, 50 years; Edith Labau Bryan, business manager II, anthropology, 22 years; Stephen H. Bryant, associate director, athletics, 34 years; Doreen P. Cooper, building services worker II, FMD-Building Services, South campus, 28 years; Sandra Giles Gilley, food operations manager, UGA Cooperative Extension-4-H and Youth, 12 years; Marvin Kent Grovner, utility worker II, Marine Institute, 30 years; Rosemary B. Huckaby, accountant, Business Office, Griffin campus, 36 years; Valerie Kilpatrick, administrative associate II, mathematics and science education department, 29 years; Cynthia K. Rhodes, administrative assistant II, Admissions Office, 18 years; Marilu R. Sanchez, assistant housekeeper, Georgia Center-auxiliary operations, 17 years; Venda Kemp Sapp, county secretary, UGA Cooperative Extension, Southeast district, 13 years; Anne M. Shenk, public service associate, State Botanical Garden, 31 years; Elizabeth B. Stich, animal facilities supervisor, VP Office for Research, 27 years; Kenneth I. Storey, senior graphics designer, Bulldog Print + Design, 30 years; James E. Worley, automotive mechanic II, field research services, Griffin campus, 25 years; and Elizabeth C. Wynn, building services supervisor, FMD-Building Services, South campus, 28 years.

Source: Human Resources