Campus News

Promotions approved for 162 UGA faculty members

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 162 faculty members. Those receiving a promotion are:

Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership

To Clinical Associate Professor: Aimee Martin, campus director of simulation and ultrasound.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 

To Professor: Marin Brewer, plant pathology; Woo Kyun Kim, poultry science; Alexa Lamm, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Nicholas Magnan, agricultural and applied economics; Cecilia McGregor, horticulture; John Salazar, agricultural and applied economics; Franklin West, animal and dairy science.

To Associate Professor: Jessica Holt, agricultural leadership, education and communication; David Jespersen, crop and soil sciences; Abhinav Mishra, food and science technology; Oluyinka Olukosi, poultry science; Shimat Villanassery Joseph, entomology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Ganpati Jagdale, plant pathology; Savithri Nambeesan, horticulture.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Stephanie Butcher, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Sheri Dorn, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Kisha Faulk, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Wanda McLocklin, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Amanda Smith, Cooperative Extension, agricultural and applied economics; Rachel Stewart, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Katherine Whiting, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate: Holly Anderson, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Ashley Caroll, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Jacqueline Dallas, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Raymond Fitzpatrick, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Rebecca Hardeman, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Ashley Hoppers, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Ida Jackson, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Heather Kolich, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Laura Levi, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Kimberly Post, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Kelli Salmon, Northwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Academic Professional: Kristi Farner, Extension county operations director.

College of Education

To Professor: Kevin Burke, language and literacy education; Todd Dinkelman, mathematics, science, and social studies; Cheryl Fields-Smith, educational theory and practice; H. James Garrett, mathematics, science and social studies; Theodore Kopcha, career and information studies.

To Associate Professor: Brandee Appling, counseling and human development services; Kathryn O’Brien, communication sciences and special education; Walker Swain, lifelong education, administration, and policy.

To Clinical Professor: Alicia Davis, communication sciences and special education; Bethany Hamilton-Jones, communication sciences and special education; Lou Tolosa-Casadont, language and literacy education.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Marian Higgins, counseling and human development services; Diann Jones, lifelong education, administration, and policy; Leslie Rech-Penn, educational theory and practice; Elizabeth Wurzburg, educational theory and practice.

To Senior Lecturer: Gretchen Thomas, career and information studies. 

College of Engineering

To Professor: Sung-Hee Kim, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering.

To Associate Professor: Brandon Rotavera, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering; Rawad Saleh, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering; Jin Ye, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

To Senior Lecturer: Barbara McCord, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering; Benjamin Thomas, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Associate Professor: Kenneth White, financial planning, housing, and consumer economics.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Tracey Brigman, nutritional sciences.

To Senior Lecturer: Clair McClure, textiles, merchandising, and interiors.

 College of Pharmacy

To Professor: Eileen Kennedy, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; Henry Young, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Associate Professor: Ewan Cobran, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Academic Professional: Gregory Seagraves, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor: Sheba Mokankumar, biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Hemant Naikare, infectious diseases.

To Associate Professor: Jae-Kyung Lee, physiology and pharmacology; Jarrod Mousa, infectious diseases; Mark Ruder, population health; Mandy Wallace, small animal medicine and surgery.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Selena Lane, small animal medicine and surgery.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor: Yohannes Abate, physics and astronomy; Nathan Carter, psychology; Brian Hopkinson, marine sciences; Karl-Ferdinand Lechtreck, cellular biology; Zachary Lewis, microbiology; Anne Shaffer, psychology; Belinda Stillion Southard, communication studies; Andrea Sweigart, genetics; Brian Wesolowski, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Sarah Wright, philosophy; Jin Xie, chemistry.

To Associate Professor: Shuyang Bai, statistics; James Enos, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Naomi Graber, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Christina Hanawalt, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Aruni Kashyap, English; Emily Koh, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Man Kit Lei, sociology; Jiaying Liu, communication studies; Rebecca Martini, English; Cassia Roth, history; Michael White, genetics; Timothy Yang, history.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Emily Mouilso, psychology.

To Senior Lecturer: Milvet Alonso, Romance languages; Catherine Case, statistics; David D’Angelo, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Mickey Dunlap, statistics; Jacob Hicks, mathematics; Gerasim Iliev, mathematics; Manijeh Keshtgari, computer sciences; Hee Jung Kim, mathematics; Maurice LeBlanc, mathematics; Joselyn Leimbach, Institute for Women’s Studies; Jason O’Donnell, biological sciences, Eman Saleh, computer sciences; Francine Scott, microbiology; Roy Segars, mathematics; Tori Vratanina-Smoot, psychology.

To Senior Academic Professional: Brian Frost, psychology; Kristen Miller, biological sciences.

To Senior Research Scientist: Magdy Alabady, plant biology; Shiyun Xiao, genetics.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Professor: Karen Russell, public relations.

Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education

To Professor: Erik Ness.

Odum School of Ecology

To Associate Professor: Krista Capps, ecology; Richard Hall, ecology, infectious diseases; Benjamin Parrott, ecology.

School of Law

To Professor: Jason Cade and Lisa Milot.

 To Associate Professor: Lindsey Simon.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Elizabeth Grant, Emma Hetherington, and Christine Scartz.

To Librarian II: Savanna Nolan, King law library; Amy Taylor, King law library.

To Librarian IV: Jason Tubinis, King law library.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor: Christina Boyd, political science.

To Associate Professor: Geoffrey Sheagley, political science.

School of Social Work

To Clinical Associate Professor: Katherine Morrissey Stahl.

Terry College of Business

To Professor: Tina Carpenter, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Laura Little, management; Timothy Quigley, management.

To Associate Professor: Gregorio Caetano, economics; Joanna Lin, management; Peter Newberry, economics.

To Senior Lecturer: Jack Morse, insurance, legal studies, and real estate; Martin Parker, management; Jennifer Rivers, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Nikhil Srinivasan, management information systems; Jan Zantinga, management.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor: James Beasley, wildlife ecology and management; Kyle Woosnam, parks, recreation, and tourism management.

To Associate Professor: Joseph Conrad, forest operations; Jason Gordon, community forestry; Martin Hamel, fisheries management and ecology; Yanshu Li, forest economics and taxation; Elizabeth McCarty, forest health specialist; Caterina Villari, forest pathology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Brian Shamblin, wildlife ecology and management.

University Libraries

To Librarian IV: Jan Hebbard, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library; Katherine Stein, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Vice President for Instruction

To Senior Lecturer: Sayamon Singto, Division of Academic Enhancement.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

To Senior Public Service Associate: Laura Katz, Small Business Development Center; Sharon Liggett, Archway Partnership; Anne Lindsay, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant.

To Public Service Associate: Marcia Campbel, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Karen DeMeester, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Kaitlin Messich, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Peter Williams, Small Business Development Center.

Vice President for Research

To Senior Research Scientist: Artur Muszynski, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

To Associate Research Scientist: Rene Ranzinger, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.