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29 UGA employees retired April 1, 2016

Twenty-nine UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Regina M. Adams, graduate program administrator, Graduate School, 19 years, 6 months; Julie Amft, research professional III, Skidaway Institution of Oceanography, 30 years, 1 month; Shirley H. Berry, public service assistant, State Botanical Garden, 31 years, 4 months; William M. Blum, IT senior manager, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences-Griffin, Business Office, 35 years, 8 months; Dorothy A. Bolton, baker I, Oglethorpe Dining Hall, 28 years, 5 months; Melissa Bush, library associate II, libraries-general operations, 24 years, 9 months; Cornelia C. Collins, building services worker I, Myers Hall, 18 years, 8 months; William M. Corry, associate vice president, Division of Development and Alumni Relations, 25 years, 6 months; Lisa J. Crowe, IT director, Georgia Center-tech support services, 23 years, 7 months; Kyle Fitzpatrick, plumber, Facilities Management Division-plumbing shop, 29 years, 8 months; Julia K. Foster, administrative manager I, plant pathology, 30 years; Penny B. Gheesling, property control officer, property control, 28 years, 10 months; Earl Ginter, director, Division of Academic Enhancement, 30 years, 6 months; Kenneth Dale Goyen, student affairs specialist IV, residence hall facilities administration, 22 years, 8 months; David A. Hale, landscape design manager, Facilities Management Division-grounds department, 32 years, 4 months; Gwindolyn W. Kerce, laboratory supervisor, College of Veterinary Medicine-department of population health, 17 years, 5 months; Lynn K. Manzione, graphics designer, Georgia Center-sales and marketing, 29 years, 8 months; Louise W. McElroy, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, South Campus, 29 years, 6 months; Joel H. Miller, laboratory technician III, College of Engineering, 11 years, 4 months; Sohayl Moshtael, IT contracts and licensing administration specialist, EITS-finance and business services, 28 years, 4 months; Michael Richter, marine superintendent, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, 21 years, 1 month; Carol A. Roberts, academic advisor III, Office of the Vice President for Instruction, 28 years, 9 months; Linda S. Rogers, application analyst specialist, EITS-administrative information systems, 31 years, 5 months; Susan Russum, lab animal care supervisor, College of Veterinary Medicine-animal resources unit, 28 years, 5 months; Susan G. Sheffield, administrative manager I, Institute of Higher Education, 33 years, 6 months; Patti J. Sisk, administrative associate I, Cooperative Extension-4-H and Youth, 12 years, 7 months; Richard Sixtos, skilled trades worker, Busbee Hall, 10 years, 8 months; Susan M. Varlamoff, public service assistant, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences-Office of Environmental Sciences, 17 years, 9 months; and S.J. Whitehead, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, North Campus, 10 years, 1 month.

Source: Human Resources