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60 Minutes co-editor will host Peabodys

Veteran CBS News correspondent and 60 Minutes co-editor Morley Safer will host the annual Peabody awards ceremony May 16 in New York.

The winners of the 64th annual Peabody Awards were announced earlier this month by UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

This year 32 programs were chosen as the best in electronic media for 2004.

Winners include Grant Tinker, who received an individual Peabody, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ‘Indecision 2004,‘ as well as first-ever awards to CNBC, TRIO, Link TV and Univision. Multiple citations were awarded to HBO, Cinemax, BBC America and New York’s WNYC Radio.

“The winners suggest further developments in a new era for electronic media,” says Horace Newcomb, Peabody Awards director. “What was once a shared broadcast experience now more and more reflects individual use of carefully targeted systems. The work of the Peabody Awards board certainly becomes more difficult in this context-but it also becomes even more significant.”