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Academic credentials for UGA School of Law entering class continue to climb

Athens, Ga. – Yesterday, 248 students began their three-year pursuit of a law degree at the University of Georgia School of Law. This class is one of the most academically gifted in the school’s history.The Class of 2013’s median Law School Admission Test score of 164 and the median undergraduate grade point average of 3.7 tie existing school records set last year. The LSAT scores for the 75th and 25th percentiles of 166 and 162, respectively, are new highs. Moreover, one-third of the class scored in the top six percent of LSAT test takers nationwide, and two-thirds of the class scored in the top 10 percent.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Law Admissions Paul B. Rollins said he was pleased with the composition of the class.”We had nearly 4,300 applicants, the most ever, and our goal was to enroll those who would excel in the study of law and continue the law school’s tradition of producing leaders in the legal profession.”

Students in the Class of 2013 studied at 100 undergraduate institutions. The most common undergraduate schools were:UGA (77), Emory University (8), Furman University (7), the University of Virginia (7), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (6), Clemson University (5), the University of Florida (5), Auburn University (4), the Georgia Institute of Technology (4), Mercer University in Macon (4), Morehouse College (4) and the University of Texas at Austin (4).The most popular undergraduate majors were: political science, economics and finance, English, psychology and history.

Twenty-one percent of the class consider themselves a member of a minority group, and more than one-half of the minorities are African American.