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‘American Impressionism’ on display at Georgia Museum of Art

American Impressionism, an exhibition featuring paintings by some of the most .influential  artists of the early 20th century, is currently on display at the Georgia Museum of Art.

“American painting is a core component of the collections at the Georgia Museum of Art,” said Paul Manoguerra, curator of American art at the museum. “The museum owns some stellar images by many of the most important American Impressionists.”

One American Impressionist featured, William Merritt Chase, gives insight into a favorite setting for both his art and his teaching with Shinnecock Hills. The brilliant light, color and harmony found throughout the landscape expose why Chase had such a passion for the area. Another artist featured is Childe Hassam, who associated himself with “The Ten,” a group of highly acclaimed painters who worked in a style close to French Impressionism. The use of a tight pattern of brushstrokes and a high-keyed palette can be seen in Hassam’s painting Bridge at Old Lyme. James A. McNeill Whistler’s Rose and Red: The Barber’s Shop, Lyme Regis is one of the best-known images in the exhibition as well as one of the smallest. Strongly influenced by Japanese prints, Whistler developed his own style, with sensitive gradations and tonal ­adjustments.

In addition to other artists, several works of poetry also are on display, including pieces from Newcomb College and Rookwood, two of the most significant American art potteries of the 20th century.