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Applications being accepted for grants

Grants for libraries, institutions and faculty seeking to convert textbooks and learning materials into more affordable options are available through Affordable Learning Georgia.

The University System of Georgia began offering the Textbook Transformation Grants in 2014 to expedite the creation of Open Educational Resources, as well as use of existing materials available in GALILEO and USG libraries. The deadline for applications in this funding cycle is Sept. 29.

Grants are available for transformation projects falling into three categories: No or Low-Cost-to-Students Learning Materials, Specific Core Curriculum Courses and a new Mini-Grant category to aid with OER revisions and Ancillary Materials Creation.

The maximum award is $10,800 for standard-scale projects (courses with less than 500 students), $30,000 for large-scale projects (department-wide projects or individual courses with 500 or more students) and $4,800 for the Mini-Grant category. Proposals will be evaluated on the feasibility of the action plan and adherence to proposal guidelines.

Those applying for standard or large-scale transformation grants can do so through Georgia Tech’s CompetitionSpace at Mini-Grant applications must be submitted through a Google form.

More information about proposal guidelines can be found in the Request for Proposals at

Questions should be directed to Jeff Gallant, program manager of Affordable Learning Georgia, at