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Thirty-eight UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Domy C. Adriano, senior research scientist, Savannah River Ecology Lab, 30 years/3 months; Mary L. Cash, office manager, School of Professional Studies, 17 years/5 months; Pamela W. Clark, office -manager, Office of the Vice President for Research–services, 13 years/2 months; Florene B. Coleman, building services worker II, custodial services–North campus, 20 years; Deanna R. Comeau, budget analyst II, -Division of Academic Enhancement, 20 years/4 months; Mary A. Crowe, administrative secretary, geology, 27 years/8 months; Sigrid L. Cunningham, administrative secretary, Athletic Association, 27 years; Ann S. Dunn, senior administrative secretary, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 33 years/6 months; Rebecca Marion Forbes, county extension program assistant IV, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 9 years/8 months; John W. Gray, greenhouse supervisor, crop and soil sciences, 25 years/8 months;  John F. Hale, agricultural specialist, Southern Piedmont Station, 27 years/2 months; Lenoir W. Hale, assistant curator, Georgia Museum of Art, 9 years/10 months; Emily A. Hardeman, senior accounting assistant, Office of the Vice President for Research–services, 28 years; Robin T. Hawkins, associate director, institutional research, 18 years/4 months; John Herd, custodian II, custodial services–South campus, 9 years/6 months; Cecile B. Herrin, activities coordinator, Office of Instructional Support and Development, 26 years/7 months; Juanita B. Jones, department manager, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs–faculty affairs, 35 years/8 months; Larry G. Jones, public service associate, Institute of Higher Education, 30 years/7 months; Melba Kellar, senior administrative secretary, housing administration, 18 years/6 months; Charlene Laster, baker I, Snelling Hall, 28 years/6 months; Henry H. Logan Jr., director, Business Outreach Services, 32 years; Paula Diane Lovern, parking services monitor, North Campus parking deck, 9 years/6 months; Lois S. Neighbors, education program specialist, Georgia Center for Continuing Education–learning services, 4 years/9 months; Betty J. O’Barr, senior accounting assistant, student accounts, 27 years/7 months; Dianne O’Kelley, senior secretary, agricultural and applied economics research, 22 years/6 months; Jeppie Ollie, utility worker II, Athletic Association, 43 years/1 month; Nancy C. Phillips, administrative specialist, Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, 30 years/9 months; Martha F. Reynolds, program coordinator, Terry College of Business–dean’s office, 4 years/5 months; Carrie A. Ross, building services worker II, custodial services–North campus, 10 years; Dot Sparer, public relations coordinator, College of Veterinary Medicine–dean’s office, 6 years/6 months; Margaret L. Stephan, administrative secretary, Honors Program, 10 years; Johnnie D. Sutherland, librarian III, libraries–general operations, 28 years/10 months; Leonard W. Swallom Jr., assistant manager, campus transit system, 21 years/5 months; Cassie L. Taylor, custodian II, custodial services–South campus, 17 years/5 months; Henrietta Tucker, accountant III, crop and soil sciences, 26 years; Debra Louise Watson, accountant II, physical plant administration, 26 years/9 months; Cindy B. Wood, business manager I, Business Outreach Services, 26 years/9 months; and Jane T. Wood, personnel assistant I, employment, compensation and records, 29 years/7 months.