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ArchPass for UGAMail, OneDrive battles phishing

Effective Sept. 7, all eligible students, faculty and staff will be required to use ArchPass, UGA’s two-step login solution, powered by Duo, to access their UGAMail and OneDrive for Business accounts when off campus. 

This change is being implemented to help combat the rising tide of successful phishing attempts, which compromise hundreds of UGA email accounts. 

Students, faculty and staff will be prompted to log in with ArchPass when they are accessing UGAMail or OneDrive for Business off campus. Their login information will be saved on their device or browser for 14 days. After 14 days, or if they switch to a different device or web browser, they may be prompted to log in with ArchPass again when off campus.

As part of this change to the login process, students, faculty and staff with outdated desktop and mobile email clients will need to upgrade to newer email clients. Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook 2016 for Windows are both supported, as is the UGAMail portal within the UGA mobile app. For a complete list of supported clients, visit

If your desktop or mobile email client is not listed as supported, you will have to upgrade to a supported client to access your UGAMail and OneDrive or begin accessing your UGAMail and OneDrive through a web browser. 

If you wish to upgrade the email client on your personal devices, you can find information on downloading Outlook and other Office 365 programs for free on the EITS site: 

If you need assistance installing a new email client on your UGA-issued computer, tablet or phone, contact your departmental IT professional. You can find your departmental IT professional here:

Learn more about ArchPass at