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Associate advertising professor shares more about ‘high-fidelity’ avatars

Grace Ahn

Grace Ahn, director of the GAVEL lab and associate professor in advertising in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, was recently quoted in a Morning Brew article about startup companies creating “high-fidelity” avatars to improve communication.

There’s a misconception that the best human interaction is IRL—in real life—Ahn said.

Ahn said that if we find ourselves interacting through virtual reality in the future—a bet companies like Facebook and Apple are both making—the ability to completely control the way we look would actually result in better, more genuine conversation.

“The drive will always be to mimic in-person interactions as much as possible. That realism is going to come from a representation of yourself through this virtual world,” she said, “but do we want everything in the real world reflected in the virtual world?”