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Engineering professor named associate director of CURO

William Kisaalita

Engineering professor William Kisaalita has been named associate director of the university’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

 “I have known and greatly respected William for several years, and I admire his energy and creativity,” said David S. Williams, who oversees CURO as associate provost and director of the Honors Program. “I look forward to working with him to expand the reach of CURO across campus.”

Administered by the Honors Program, CURO promotes undergraduate research. It previously required a minimum grade point average, but now is extended to UGA undergraduates with no GPA restrictions.

“I was part of the team last year when CURO partnered with the Faculty of Engineering and the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute to pioneer an effective model for the growth of undergraduate research that could be adapted to expand CURO,” said Kisaalita. “I look forward to working with faculty in academic units across campus to provide greater access to all students interested in undergraduate research.”

Kisaalita joined the UGA faculty in 1991 and will maintain his research responsibilities in engineering. He served as the graduate coordinator for engineering programs from 2004 to 2008. He established and directs the Cellular Bioengineering Laboratory that has graduated Ph.D. and master of science students. 

A founding member of UGA’s Faculty of Engineering and Nanoscience and Engineering Center, Kisaalita has mentored more than 70 students engaged in undergraduate research and/or design projects. He has developed both international service-learning experiences and traditional research activities that have engaged students in helping solve real-world problems.