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Associate FACS dean receives leadership award

Debbie Murray

Debbie Murray, who has served as associate dean for extension and outreach at UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences since 2012, has received the Jeanne M. Priester Award for exemplary, impactful leadership in the area of health and wellness.

Murray was presented the award April 8 at the National Health Outreach Conference in Roanoke, Virginia. The Priester Award is given in memory of Jeanne M. Priester, a leader in advancing health education within the Cooperative Extension system during her tenure at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Murray helps the family and consumer college fulfill its land-grant university mission of providing Georgia’s residents, businesses and communities access to quality outreach educational experiences and the institution’s knowledge base. She also helps lead the universitywide Obesity Initiative, working to assemble teams of specialists, agents and faculty from across campus to provide training, outreach and research to address the issue.