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Associate professor in marketing quoted in article on toilet paper shortage

Julio Sevilla

Julio Sevilla

Julio Sevilla, an associate professor in Terry College’s marketing department, was quoted in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about the recent toilet paper shortage.

Despite companies like Georgia-Pacific cranking out more than a million more rolls of toilet paper per day than two months ago, consumers are having a difficult time finding the product in stores. Americans are not using more toilet paper than normal. However, they are using more high-quality toilet paper. With more people sheltering in place, people are using less toilet paper meant for public spaces like offices, restaurants and schools. This toilet paper is made from recycled paper and virgin wood fibers, whereas the plusher product is made with Brazilian eucalyptus wood fibers.

The increased need has toilet paper companies breaking production records and shipping beyond their typical capacity as they try to catch up with demand. Another contributing factor is hoarding.

“People don’t know why this is happening, so they keep it safe and buy as much as they can,” said Sevilla.