Campus News

August 2020 Foundation funding opportunities

The Foundation Relations team provides UGA faculty and staff with foundation funding opportunities at There, people can find out how to apply for these funding opportunities and how Foundation Relations can help.

Current opportunities include:

John Templeton Foundation 

The John Templeton Foundation aims to advance human well-being by supporting research on the Big Questions, and by promoting character development, individual freedom and free markets. The foundation has opened its online funding inquiry in several areas, including genetics, programs in Islam and programs in Latin America.

Simons Foundation 

Simons Foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences’ program is intended to support high-risk theoretical mathematics, physics and computer science projects of exceptional promise and scientific importance on a case-by-case basis.

Charles Koch Foundation

The Charles Koch Foundation is committed to supporting projects that remove barriers to education that can unlock the potential of all learners. The foundation is excited to support projects that focus on student-centric approaches, such as improved comprehension, more flexible curricular pathways, and on-demand programming that allows students to engage with the learning process throughout their lives.