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Avoid frozen pipes this winter

Letting pipes or outdoor faucets freeze can create problems. Follow these tips to avoid any winter obstacles.

• Disconnect outdoor water hoses.

• Faucets that are not freeze-proof need to be covered or insulated to protect them from sub-freezing temperatures.

• Be sure that freeze-proof faucets are drained dry once the valve is shut off. Any trapped water in exposed faucets spells trouble, even if the faucet is labeled as freeze-proof.

• If water is supplied by a well, cover the pump and tank. In cases of prolonged cold weather, place a light bulb in the pump house.

• In older homes, seal holes and cracks in the foundation with caulk or insulation. Consider letting a faucet or two drip if the pipes will be exposed to below freezing temperatures for more than a few hours.

• Don’t forget livestock and pet water sources. If they drink out of a container, it also will freeze when temperatures are below freezing for just a few hours.

Source: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences