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Become a Well-being Champion

Well-being Champions play a vital role in enhancing the health of the university community. They provide support, motivation and encouragement for individuals to participate in well-being programs, classes, events and resources offered to UGA employees. Champions are eager, determined and committed to creating an environment that helps individuals achieve their highest and healthiest potential.


 Ensure approval from department supervisor for becoming a UGA Well-being Champion.

  • Attend a UGA Well-being Champion orientation.
  • Become familiar with the programs and services that are offered through UGA Well-being.
  • Promote, encourage and motivate UGA employees to participate in well-being programs and events.
  • Build support for UGA Well-being programs and gain commitment at a grassroots level.
  • Raise awareness within by distributing well-being materials.
  • Invite the UGA Well-being Coordinator to attend staff meetings.
  • Identify success stories and share these stories with other UGA employees.
  • Provide the UGA Well-being Coordinator with feedback on how the programs can be improved to fit the needs and desires of the UGA employee population.
  • Volunteer for onsite well-being programs when possible.
  • Stay current with UGA Well-being.
  • Lead by example through their own commitment to well-being.
  • Serve as the key liaison between co-workers and the UGA Well-being Coordinator.
  • Suggest wellness activities and continually promote the initiative.

To become a Well-being Champion, start by filling out the UGA Well-being Champion Application.

For more information about becoming a UGA Well-being Champion, please contact Well-being Coordinator Kiz Adams at