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Book by former professor explains physics

From Newton to Einstein: Ask the Physicist about Mechanics and Relativity
F. Todd Baker
Morgan & Claypool Publishers
Paperback: $20 E-book: $16

From Newton to Einstein is a book devoted to classical mechanics. “Classical” here includes the theory of special relativity as well because, as argued in the book, it is essentially Newtonian mechanics extended to very high speeds.

The book draws from UGA Professor Emeritus of Physics F. Todd Baker’s popular question-and-answer website. The site is aimed primarily at readers who are curious about how physics explains the workings of the world. Hence, the answers emphasize concepts over formalism.

Students new to physics will find discussion and quantitative calculations for areas often neglected in introductory courses. Professional scientists will find topics that they may find amusing and, in some cases, everyday applications that they had not thought of.