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Book details two historic American cities and their historic rivalry

Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah are two sides of the same coin. As two of the first English-speaking cities founded in America, the two cities have grown in parallel, mirroring their history, culture and architecture.

“Charleston and Savannah, The Rise, Fall and Reinvention of Two Rival Cities” is the first comprehensive history of the two cities in one story, weaving together their influences and intrinsic stories. Author Thomas Wilson, a planner, author, and independent scholar, writes about the economic rise of the two Southern port cities, from their British beginnings to their tourist destinations today. Wilson begins with the transatlantic trade in the colonies, then moves to industrialization and economic success and failures. He considers the history, natural landscape, weather, economy, demographics, culture, architecture, city planning and infrastructure.

Charleston and Savannah have unique identities, but they both provide significant histories that speak to the problematic pasts of the region.