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Book examines state’s political system

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Politics in Georgia, Second edition
Arnold Fleischmann and Carol Piernannunzi
UGA Press

In keeping with the state’s major demographic upheavals of recent decades, Georgia politics is an interesting—and sometimes  volatile—mix of tradition and change.

In contrast to the state’s rural past, most Georgians now live in cities or suburbs, and more than 40 percent of the population was born outside the state. However, religion and race remain issues that politicians ignore at great peril, and the state still fares poorly in measures of poverty, education and voter turnout.

Co-authored by Arnold Fleisch-mann, an associate professor of political science at UGA, and Carol Pierannunzi, a political science professor at Kennesaw State University, the second edition of Politics in Georgia uses a comparative framework to examine four major topics: the foundations of contemporary Georgia politics, political participation, major political institutions and selected public policies.

The book compares the state with the federal government and the other 49 states, as well as with earlier periods of Georgia’s political development. The result is a thorough, up-to-date resource on Georgia’s dynamic political system.