Campus News

Boyd Data Center increases its capacity

The EITS Boyd Data Center, located on the first floor of the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center, was recently expanded to accommodate growth in research computing, hosting of departmental computing equipment and other computing equipment installations.

“The Boyd Data Center renovation was completed Feb. 3, adding 4,300 square feet to the existing 11,700 square feet,” says Mike Dennis, director of operations and infrastructure for EITS. “The data center is critical to housing and securing the university’s most sensitive data, and this expansion will enable us to better serve the university now and in the future.”

Concurrent with this expansion has been a number of upgrades to the Data Center’s fire suppression system, security systems and power supply systems. Computing equipment housed in the Boyd Data Center provides a number of campuswide services, including UGAMail, WebCT and the UGA calendar service.

The IBM mainframe, which supports OASIS (the online registration and information system for students) and a number the university’s primary business and administrative systems, also is housed in the Boyd Data Center.