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C-SPAN classroom bus visits GUC

The university will host the C-SPAN Classroom Bus on March 2 at the Gwinnett University Center in Lawrenceville, where UGA offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The C-SPAN bus will be in the Atlanta area March 1 and 2 to follow the results of the Georgia primary and the presidential candidates’ progress along the campaign trail.

UGA students enrolled in a course titled “Communication Strategies in Political Campaigns,” offered through the speech communication department, will be introduced to C-SPAN as an educational resource that examines the rhetoric of the political process in the United States.

“I use C-SPAN’s extensive database of speeches, debates and other vital information in my classroom,” says Rita Van Zant, speech communication instructor with UGA at Gwinnett, who is responsible for the C-SPAN bus coming to the Gwinnett campus. “Students understand communication strategies much better when they see the actual political events. What’s more, they can go to the C­-SPAN Web site later to view them again.”