Campus News

Campaign for Charities kicks off Oct. 13

The UGA Campaign for Charities will get under way Oct. 13 with a kick-off breakfast at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

At this time, university vice presidents, deans, directors, and department heads will receive packets of pre-printed pledge cards and other campaign materials for distribution in their respective areas.

As in the past, the university will conduct a singe campaign for charitable contributions to United Way agencies, Georgia Share members and other organizations approved through the State Charitable Contributions Program. The goal for this year’s campaign, which ends Dec. 7, is $400,000.

The university has partnered with the Athletic Association to launch the Quarter Back Program. Once UGA employee pledges reach $300,000, the Athletic Association will donate 25 cents for every $1 pledged (up to a maximum of $125,000).

“The success of this campaign will depend entirely on the generosity of UGA faculty and staff, who designate their contributions to help others who are less fortunate or in need of special services,” says Richard Porterfield, dean of the Warnell School of Forest Resources and chair of this year’s campaign. “Through this once-a-year campus solicitation, we all have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for many university students and employees, their families and our friends and neighbors who receive vital services from the agencies included in this campaign.”