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Changes to retiree MyID accounts

UGA retirees are currently able to keep their UGA MyID and UGAMail after retirement. This practice has allowed retirees to continue to access some UGA services after retirement.

To reduce the potential risk of inappropriate use of UGA retiree accounts and to better reduce IT security risk, UGA is changing processes regarding UGA retiree MyID Accounts.

Beginning this calendar year, UGA retirees who do not access their accounts for a year or more will have their accounts deactivated. Retirees with inactive accounts will receive notices prior to deactivation; if they wish to keep their MyID and UGAMail active, they will have the opportunity to log in and have their account excluded from deactivation.

This new review and deactivation process for retiree MyID and UGAMail accounts will occur annually, with the first notices to retirees expected during the spring and summer of 2023.

Eligible retiree accounts will be deactivated on July 31 and deleted on Aug. 31.

Information about this change is available here.

For more information, please contact Lynn Wilson at