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Chiller upgrade project gets underway on South, Central Campus

In summer 2017, the university experienced significant equipment failures for buildings on South Campus, confirming the need for critical utility repairs and upgrades.

The South and Central Campus Chiller Upgrade Project includes the repair and improvement of the South and Central Campus chilled water infrastructure. Currently, chilled water is provided to buildings on science hill via 1960s-era chillers, many of which are failing. This project is a final piece in an ongoing series of projects that will permit the Facilities Management Division to provide chilled water to buildings on science hill from a state-of-the-art chiller plant located on South Campus.

For this system to be available prior to the beginning of summer, FMD took advantage of the winter break to give contractors several weeks to complete the most impactful work while students were away from campus. Work will continue through the end of the spring semester, as part of a phased execution. The jobsite footprint will be minimized wherever possible, and site boundaries will be collapsed as work is completed on D.W. Brooks Drive.

“The upgrade of the chiller system on Central and South Campus is of critical importance to the UGA campus,” said Ralph Johnson, associate vice president for facilities management. “We understand that, for those who frequent this part of campus, this will involve temporary compromise and change, and we thank you for your understanding as we work toward a permanent solution. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service to our campus, and we thank you all for your support.”

To understand how this may impact the commute to, from and through campus, know that:

During construction, D.W. Brooks Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic. The estimated window of time for the closing of D.W. Brooks Drive is Nov. 20, 2017-May 1, 2018.

Parking lots S03 and S05 will remain open, but access will be rerouted via Sanford Drive. Normal access to these lots will be restored by approximately mid-February.

Pedestrian traffic will be limited on D.W. Brooks Drive and pedestrian detour routes will be posted when required for safety purposes.

Signage for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns will be posted and kept accurate at all times.

Maps of the construction zone, including parking and walking maps of the affected areas, are online. Phase 1 Map is at and the Phase 2 Map is at