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College of Environment and Design hosts lecture with CEO of Design Workshop

The College of Environment and Design will host a lecture by Kurt Culbertson, chairman and CEO of Design Workshop, Oct. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Jackson Street Building. Open free to the public, the lecture is sponsored by the HGOR Endowment Fund at the College of Environment and Design.

Culbertson is an award-winning landscape architect whose focus has been landscape architecture, urban design and community planning throughout the world, with a goal of creating sustainable places that meet today’s challenges as the majority of humanity now lives in urban areas. His firm, Design Workshop, is an urban design, land planning and landscape architecture firm with offices in Aspen, Colorado, and nine other cities.

Culbertson’s research interests include the contribution of German-Americans and Scandinavian-Americans to the development of landscape architecture. He is the author of a biography of George Kessler, an American pioneer in city planning and landscape architecture.

His most recent design work focuses upon the application of historical ecology to the challenges of shrinking cities and in the application of theories of patch dynamics in establishing an ecology of cities. He also is working to raise awareness about environmental justice issues within the profession.