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College of Public Health professor named section editor for Global Pediatric Health

Sarah DeYoung

Sarah DeYoung, an assistant professor of health policy and management at the university’s College of Public Health and its Institute for Disaster Management, has been selected as the new section editor for humanitarian and crisis research at the peer-reviewed, open access journal Global Pediatric Health. DeYoung was selected for the position from a pool of more than 100 applicants.

DeYoung’s expertise broadly focuses on protective action decision-making in disasters, as well as policy change after disasters. Her specific research areas include pet evacuation, refugee well-being, hazard warnings, disaster preparedness and infant feeding in emergencies.

Global Pediatric Health focuses on health issues of children common to all regions of the world. The journal aims to share medical information from an international perspective that will help physicians, health care workers, public officials and  other relevant personnel in many geographic areas recognize and solve similar problems related to pediatric health.

The journal’s humanitarian and crisis research section covers topics related to pediatric care and health in disasters and crisis scenarios.