Campus News

Committee to choose V.P. for instruction

A 12-member search committee has been appointed to identify candidates for the position of vice president for instruction at UGA.

Provost Arnett C. Mace Jr. formed the committee to find a successor to Del Dunn, who will retire Dec. 1. Mace has announced that Jere Morehead, vice provost for academic affairs, will serve as interim vice president until the position is filled.

Rodney Bennett, vice president for student affairs, will be chair of the search committee.

Other members include: Rebecca White, School of Law; Tom Lauth, School of Public and International Affairs; Jan Hathcote, College of Family and Consumer Sciences; Scott Weinberg, College of Environment and Design; Ronald Cervero, College of Education; George Francisco, College of Pharmacy; Paige Carmichael, College of Veterinary Medicine; Sylvia Pannell, drama and theatre department; David Puett, biochemistry and molecular biology department; Jamie Peper, president of the Student Government Association; and D. Keith Oelke, development office.