Campus News

Conference calling transition

UGA is transitioning to a new and improved method for conference call support. Individuals requiring a conference call for six or fewer people will be able to coordinate that call from any UGA digital phone, while individuals requiring support for larger conference calls will be able to use an audio conferencing service provided through AT&T.

Original plans called for the transition to the new service to June 1. However, due to the increased instability of the current system and the cost of attempting to maintain it, offices are encouraged to go ahead and switch to the new service immediately.

Users will notice several advantages upon making the transition. Specifically, large conference calling needs will be supported without limitations on time or participants; in addition, support will be available after hours and will not be limited based on UGA work hours. Thus, the new system will provide greater flexibility.

It is recommended that departmental telephone representatives coordinate ordering an AT&T audio conference account for their department and the usage of this service.

There are no limits to the number of lines a department can order.

The AT&T service is billed at 2.9 cents per minute per user. Information on the AT&T audio conferencing service is online at Contact Telephone Services at 706-542-6962 with additional questions.

Directory Assistance will follow up with users who have pending conference calls already scheduled via the current Avaya Conference Bridge.