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Conserve water at home

The average person uses 60 gallons of water a day and wastes more than nine gallons a day through household leaks. You can begin conserving water, energy and money by following these tips:

• Wash laundry and dishes only when there is a full load. This can save 300 to 800 gallons of water a month.

• Always turn off running water.

• Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the water until it gets cold enough to drink.

• Take shorter showers. A 10-minute shower can use 80 gallons of water.

• When taking a bath, save water by filling the tub with no more than 5 inches of water.

• Eliminate any and all leaks.

• Check for toilet leaks. To check, remove the toilet tank cover and put in five to 10 drops of food coloring. Wait 30 minutes. If any of the coloring leaks into the toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

• Reduce the flow of toilets and shower heads.

• Insulate water pipes to get hot water faster.

• Install a low-flow or high-efficiency toilet.

• Use a water and energy efficient washing machine and dishwasher.

Source: College of Family and Consumer Science, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences