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Consultant hired to study need for campus child care at UGA

UGA has hired Work/Family Directions Inc., also known as WFD Consulting, based in Newton, Mass., to research the issue of campus child care. 

The firm will survey UGA faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students to assess the level of demand for various types of child care (i.e. from weekday year-round day care to other partial week, half day and after-school programs, as well as the age parameters of children to be served) at various fee structure scenarios; analyze the survey data and prepare a report; provide an overview on the models of organizational development and sponsorship of a child care center for consideration by UGA, including but not limited to in-house and outsourcing options including financial implications; analyze and report on the current supply of child care available in the five-county area (Clarke, Oconee, Jackson, Madison and Oglethorpe); and provide recommendations to guide UGA’s decision making about potential child care strategy development and investments.