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Course proposals

Proposals for writing-intensive courses for academic year 2004-05 will be accepted from arts and sciences faculty by the Franklin College Writing Intensive Program through Feb. 6.

The writing-intensive program encourages attention to undergraduate writing at UGA and currently involves faculty from 14 disciplines who make writing central to inquiry and communication in their courses.

A WIP teaching assistant, trained in assigning and responding to student writing, will be awarded to faculty whose proposals are selected. The program will select approximately 40 proposals for the coming year.

Though writing-intensive courses vary across disciplines, they all make writing important to the thinking of the course, give students opportunities to write in low-stakes and high-stakes situations, and engage students in conversations about writing. Proposals should be designed for regular-enrollment courses, but proposals for courses with higher enrollments (with discussion-writing sections, for example, that use writing in interesting ways to engage students, to help them learn, and to build their critical thinking and writing skills) will also be considered.

Guidelines for writing-intensive courses and course proposal forms are available at or by contacting Michelle Ballif, program director, at