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Vinson Institute of Government launches new Certified Public Manager program

UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government, a public service and outreach unit, is launching a Certified Public Manager program to strengthen leadership skills for local and state government managers in Georgia.

The 26-day program engages ­participants in 300 hours of study focusing on areas such as self-awareness, collaboration and ­process improvement.

The program offers professional development opportunities for local and state public employees while developing more productive staff who are better positioned to serve citizens. UGA is the sole provider of this CPM program in Georgia.

The inaugural class will begin this month in ­Fulton County. A state program will begin in ­October. Classes for both programs will take place at the UGA campus in Gwinnett.

Associated with the National CPM Consortium, the CPM program is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of government agencies by developing the effectiveness and professionalism of its managers. Individuals completing the program earn the Certified Public Manager credential from UGA.

Enrollment for state employees is currently ­available at