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UGA College of Veterinary Medicine presents Phi Zeta honors

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine recently recognized outstanding faculty and students with honors for excellence in teaching, research and service at its annual Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

The clinical research award, sponsored by Pfizer, was awarded to Dr. Corey Saba, an assistant professor of veterinary oncology. Saba was recognized for her contributions toward understanding the use of chemotherapeutic agents in animals, including the specific dosages used to treat neoplasia in small animals. She was also recognized for an evidence-based paper on the use of dexrazoxane for treating doxorubicin extravasation, a rare complication from the administration of chemotherapy.

The John M. Bowen Award for Excellence in Animal/Biomedical Research, sponsored by Pfizer, was awarded to Dr. Xiaoqin Ye, an associate professor of physiology and pharmacology. Ye’s studies of reproductive mechanisms are designed to lead to therapeutics to treat reproductive diseases in humans and animals.

Dr. Shiyou Chen, an associate professor of physiology and pharmacology, was awarded the Pfizer Award for Research Excellence for his contributions to his department as well as to the at-large research community. Chen serves on review panels for the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association and reviews manuscripts for several medical journals. Chen’s research focuses on the protein factors important to the development of cardiovascular disorders, including congenital heart disease, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cardiac fibrosis and hypertension.

The outstanding hospital service award was presented to Dr. Kate Creevy in recognition for her role in revamping the consultation process for the veterinary teaching hospital’s internal medicine service. Creevy has also coordinated the hospital’s internship program for the past three years, and has helped implement changes in the program that have benefitted both the interns and the hospital. Creevy is an assistant professor and is board-certified in veterinary internal medicine.

The David Tyler Award for Advances in Teaching, sponsored by Pfizer, was awarded to Drs. Marc Kent and Simon Platt, who are developing a Web-based tool to help students learn clinical neurology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Kent is an associate professor of neurology; Platt is a professor of neurology.

The Morrow B. Thompson Award was presented to Jessica Mobley, a fourth-year veterinary student. The award is presented annually to a senior student or resident who excels in veterinary clinical pathology. It is given in memory of Dr. Morrow B. Thompson (DVM ’76).

Jenna Shafer received the outstanding sophomore student award for having the highest cumulative grade point average in the second-year class. As part of her award, Shafer will serve as vice president on the Phi Zeta committee for one year.

Thirteen students, who were nominated by their peers, were recognized for their leadership, service and outreach in the community, their place of worship, the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, student clubs or veterinary fraternities. The following students received Phi Zeta leadership, service and outreach awards: Danae Lobato, from the class of 2012; Alec Davern, Shaylin Duncan, Stephanie Pullin, and Rachel Sheriff, from the class of 2013; Wade Edwards, John Gagnepain, Alan Power and Jennifer Towner, from the class of 2014; Holly Burchfield, Amanda DiMascio, Katie Griner and Raley White, from the class of 2015.

New inductees into the Phi Zeta Honorary Society are Zachary Vrono, Grayson Wallace, Natalie French, Alycia Cullen, Jessica Anderson, Kate Holmberg, Miranda Fowler, Cassandra Dyal, John Duncan, Michelle Garrison, Jamie Laity, Daniel Moore, Jamie Harmon-Partido, Carl Williams and Jessica Zeird, all from the class of 2012. Also, Emily Waggoner, Elizabeth Antley, Ember Epperson, Dalis Collins, Meighan Dixon, Dustin Major, Clara Moran, Alexandra Craig, Christopher Ferrell and Emily Falls, all from the class of 2013. Dr. Natalie Armour, a graduate student in the college’s department of infectious diseases, was also inducted into the society.

Faculty inductees were Dr. Robert Gogal, an associate professor of immunology and immunotoxicology, and Dr. Michelle Turek, an assistant professor of radiation oncology. Honorary inductees were Dana Ambrose, a research coordinator in the college’s department of infectious diseases, and Tanya Cooper, a veterinary technician in the college’s animal resources department.

The awards were presented at the college’s annual Phi Zeta awards ceremony held in mid April. The Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society was formally established in 1925 at Cornell University for the advancement of the veterinary profession, for higher educational requirements and for high scholarship. Phi Zeta recognizes and promotes scholarship and research in matters pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals.

There are 27 chapters of Phi Zeta throughout the U.S. The Xi chapter of Phi Zeta was established in 1959 at the University of Georgia.

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