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Sara Diehl

Sara Diehl

As the saying goes, you only have one chance at a first impression. And if UGA student and campus tour guide Sara Diehl is the first impression a visitor or prospective student has of the campus, they surely will return. Hailing from Kennesaw, Ga., this bright, vivacious business major has a love for the university and the Athens community.


Kennesaw, Ga.

High School:

The Walker School

Expected graduation:

Spring 2011

University highlights, achievements, awards and scholarships:

In my past three years at UGA, I have had the opportunity to be involved in different student organizations and to hold leadership positions that have shaped my college experience.

My freshman year, I decided to dive into Greek-life and pledge Phi Mu Sorority. Later that year, I was hired at the UGA Visitors Center and became a tour guide for the university. In addition, I became involved with the community outreach and service committee for UGAMiracle. I traveled to local high schools and organized “mini” marathons to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

My second year, I was elected to the Student Government Association as a Terry College of Business Senator. Through SGA, I was able to plan and coordinate the first Terry graduation, review legislation before it was presented to the Senate floor and to attend monthly meetings with Dean Sumichrast to help fulfill his initiatives. I also joined the organizations committee for UGAMiracle and spoke at different organizational meetings around campus to help promote the Children’s Miracle Network.

My junior year, I was the new member educator for my sorority. I coordinated our Bid Day activities, held weekly meetings with the girls and planned our fall initiation. In the spring, I was chosen to be a Terry Ambassador, which has allowed me to network with members of the Young Alumni Board and the Alumni Board while serving as a mentor. With Terry Ambassadors, I also provide tours to special guests of Terry and help coordinate the New Student Welcome Events for the college.

The summer after my third year, I had the opportunity to live and study in the center of Florence, Italy. The experience was one of the most memorable of my life. I was able to travel throughout the summer to visit relatives and see other cities and countries. After returning from Italy, I finished my second executive role in Phi Mu as standards and discipline chair, in which it was my job to oversee grades and conduct of our members. This past fall semester, I was introduced to the executive chef at The National (an Athens restaurant) and picked his brain and even shadowed his kitchen to gain knowledge of one of my passions in life, cooking. He was a former member of the Visitors Center staff and came to speak at our annual fall kick-off event.

For my final semester, I will continue to work with Terry Ambassadors and lead tours of campus with the Visitors Center. Each one of my opportunities at UGA has significantly shaped my experience here, and I have learned so much from being a part of them.

Current Employment:

I work on campus at the UGA Visitors Center. I provide tours to about 30 prospective students, parents and visitors twice a week. I also answer phones and give directions at the information desk. Our job is to make sure all visitors on campus, whether prospective students or not, receive all of the information they need to enjoy their stay on campus.

Family Ties to UGA:

My older brother, John Diehl, graduated from the music program in 2009.

I chose to attend UGA because…

…of the multitude of opportunities offered in not only academics but in extracurricular and social aspects as well. I found at least three areas of study that I was interested in, so I didn’t feel trapped or that I couldn’t change my mind. UGA also offered extracurricular activities similar to ones I was involved in during high school and others that I had always been interested in joining. Athens is a fun and exciting college town with great restaurants, shopping and music venues, so I am never bored or wondering what to do when I want to have fun. The HOPE Scholarship allows me to attain all of these great things at a very minimal cost, so to me, there was no other comparison!

My favorite things to do on campus are…

…go to the Tate Student Center during the height of the day to see what is going on around campus and the town of Athens. All of the student organizations and groups can set up booths that offer information about activities or how to join, so I always like to see what is going on. Grabbing something to eat at Tate or packing a lunch and sitting outside near everyone is a great way to feel like a college student.

When I have free time, I like…

…to cook, read, run, hang out with friends and go to concerts.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

…experienced The World Cup final in Barcelona, Spain this summer. Being able to watch something that all of the citizens were so passionate about, in the country that won, was unreal. The turmoil between the people of Cataluña and the country of Spain created a very crazy and exciting environment that night, even after the victory.

My favorite place to study is…

…the Main Library. If you go up to the fifth or sixth floor, you can always find a nice quiet corner.

My favorite professor is…

…Mike Pfarrer, in the management department. I am currently in his international strategic management class, and it is my breath of fresh air through the day. His lectures are always interesting, engaging and relevant. Just from being in Professor Pfarrer’s class this semester, my knowledge of the business world has grown exponentially, and my desire to stay informed has been sparked.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

…one of my great-grandparents. All four on my mother’s side immigrated through Ellis Island from Italy and were separated from their families for a long time. They endured everything from language barriers to extreme prejudice but managed to give my family a great start. Being able to talk to them about their experience and get to know them would mean a lot to me.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

…move to California, buy a vineyard and open my own bed and breakfast on the grounds. I have a passion for food and entertaining people, so what better place to do it? I might have to win the lottery first…

After graduation, I plan to…

…this is the million dollar question, and I’m sure my parents would love to hear the answer to this as well! Right now, I am exploring options in everything from teaching to working in the hospitality industry at a restaurant or hotel. I know that I love to work with people and in the coming months I will apply for many different jobs. I know I would like to stay in the Southeast, but I am open-minded as to what line of work.

The one UGA experience I will always remember will be…

…the UGA vs. Auburn blackout game during freshman year. To see that many people rallied around UGA and its players was just such a fun time. Watching the boys run back onto the field in their all black for the game is something I will never forget!