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Dietetics director explains the benefits of eating kiwis

Emma Laing, clinical professor and director of dietetics in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, spoke with Verywell about the benefits of eating two kiwis a day.

Two green kiwis or one SunGold kiwi is enough to fulfill the daily vitamin C suggestion for most adults, making them perfect to replace the need for vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports iron absorption, immune function and wound healing.

“If people like the taste of kiwis or are curious about incorporating them into their diet, they shouldn’t hesitate to regularly eat them, unless they have an allergy,” Laing said.

Nutrition experts recommend getting vitamins and minerals from food sources instead of dietary supplements. Like most things, vitamin C is better in moderation.

“The kidneys work to excrete any excess vitamin C into the urine that the cells don’t use,” Laing said. “Consuming a daily supplement of vitamin C in excess of what your body requires does not have a health benefit, as anything extra will go unused and will literally be flushed down the toilet.”

A recent study has also found that kiwis can help treat constipation, likely due to the fruit’s fiber content.

“Kiwis have ample amounts of vitamin C plus other healthful compounds that a single supplement can’t match, like other antioxidants, potassium and fiber,” Laing said.