Campus News

Eduroam launched on campus

A new, free wireless service called eduroam is now available at UGA.

All UGA students, faculty and staff have access to eduroam while on campus with their wireless devices. In addition, eduroam allows all UGA students, faculty and staff to get wireless service when visiting participating eduroam institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, about 400 higher education institutions in the U.S. are eduroam participants. Eduroam is also available at educational institutions and research facilities in 74 countries.

To access eduroam, UGA students, faculty and staff must provide their full UGA credentials with their MyID followed by “” (

When a MyID password is updated, it also must be updated for eduroam access.

Eduroam allows students, faculty and staff of participating eduroam schools to get Internet access across institutions using their school’s credentials.

For example, a UGA faculty member visiting at Clemson University, which is also an eduroam participant, could use his or her UGA credentials ( to log in to Clemson’s wireless network on campus. Likewise, a Clemson faculty member could do the same with their credentials when they visit the UGA campus.

A list of current U.S. participants and international participants is at