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EITS to implement new deletion policy for emails

Microsoft has announced new storage limits for its academic customers.

In the coming year, some UGA account owners may see changes to the available storage limits in their Office 365 accounts.

To help UGA account owners maximize their storage, effective Feb. 1, EITS will implement a new 30-day deletion policy for emails placed in users’ Deleted Items folders in UGAMail.

Items put in this folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days, and then will be held in a Recoverable Items folder for 14 days before being permanently deleted.

This policy is retroactive, so on Feb. 1, any items in the Deleted items folder that are more than 30 days old will be affected.

This new policy is part of EITS’s efforts to be good stewards of the university’s financial resources and control operating costs. Emails in the Deleted Items folder account for about 25 percent of all email storage across the university. Regularly clearing your Deleted Items folder can help you maximize storage for your individual UGAMail account, as well as increase the amount of storage available to everyone at UGA.

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